Why Choose TEI?


Close Proximity To Two Major Independent Labs For Superior Industry Support

TEI’s close proximity to and daily contact with two of the major independent testing labs in the USA, ongoing relationships with OEM’s, leading edge technical expertise, project cost sensitivity, knowledge of compliance protocol for fuels and lubricants, and total confidentiality of all test program details provide the synergy necessary to maximize your test program investment. TEI gives your organization the edge in fuels and lubricants test program management because TEI staff are in the labs most every day.


TEI Knows The Hardware

Our knowledge of and experience with specified test materials allows TEI professionals to provide a precise, current insight into the subtleties of tests. The industry agrees that knowledge and batch control of test materials are instrumental in achieving accurate, precise product evaluation. TEI is the designated CPD for selected industry tests and has been appointed by multiple OEM’s to handle critical test parts. TEI can even design and fabricate specialty test hardware and equipment to your specifications. We know the hardware, understand the test procedures, and have in-house rating expertise. TEI can help you with your test materials.


TEI Is Your Independent Source

Whether you require management of a single test or an entire test program, comprehensive industry consultation, acquisition of test materials, or other specialty services such as oil recontainerization, blind parts coding, or laser marking of test parts, TEI is your best source. TEI leads the industry in offering complete testing support. As an independent third party between additive suppliers, oil marketers, engine manufacturers, and testing laboratories, TEI provides results, timely information, and on-site representation.


Current Global Experience

TEI remains technically current with international specifications for our industry as the market evolves. We can make certain you are aware of present industry trends and any testing requirements that affect your products. Whether your products are additives or fully formulated lubricants, engines or engine components, TEI knows the territory and can help your organization compete. TEI is keenly aware of ISO 9001-2000 guidelines and therefore maintains the quality level to support international corporations across the globe. From the US to Asia, from Europe to the Far East, TEI maintains open lines of communication with industry representatives worldwide. This global network enables TEI to provide you with information as it develops.


TEI Is The Cost Effective Alternative

TEI is the leading independent support team providing the highest level of service and the best value in the industry. International experience, close proximity to and daily contact with two of the major independent testing labs, frequent dialog with OEM’s, leading edge technical expertise, test materials experience, project cost sensitivity, and total confidentiality -TEI provides the synergy necessary to meet your particular requirements.