Special Projects

TEI – How Can We Help YOU?

Over the course of 20 years, TEI has been called on to perform a number of unique specialty projects for a variety of clients worldwide. Below you will find a list of some of the services we have provided our clients in the past, and look forward to providing again in the future.

  • Product Recontainerization and Blind Coding
  • Retail Product/Sample Acquisition
  • Specialty Chemical Acquisition and Packaging
  • Sourcing of Additive Package Components
  • Custom Part/Equipment Design and Fabrication
  • Test Material Acquisition
  • Sourcing of Test Stand Components
  • Test Report Interpretation
  • Product Sample and Post-Test Part Storage
  • State of the Art Custom Laser Marking
  • Information Analysis and Research

Budgetary constraints, corporate cost-cutting, the high cost of in-house facilitation – whatever the reason, TEI will provide exceptional, experienced, and confidential customer oriented service for your particular project. From your smallest project to your largest, whatever it might be, TEI welcomes the opportunity to prove what we can do for your company.