Consulting Services

TEI- Proven support for your company within the global industry.

Test Engineering, Inc. (TEI) has been serving the unique needs of global clients within the fuels and lubricants testing industry for overĀ 20 years. With over 120 years of combined experience,TEI’s veteran staff is constantly striving to enhance our services to clients by encouraging new and creative ideas. Active participation in ASTM and SAE and routine meeting attendance means that we are up to date with current and anticipated industry demands and trends. Our close relationships with many OEM’s and contact with some of our industry’s most respected and influential groups ensures that we are current with international agendas.

Worldwide contacts and attendance to numerous meetings allow the staff of TEI to provide timely insight to important industry decisions and trends. We keep our clients apprised of the status of testing and related issues. Meeting summary reports can prove to be a valuable tool in keeping your entire staff informed of critical industry decisions. TEI remains technically current with international specifications as the market evolves. Our extensive involvement within the fuels and lubricants additives industry, our close relationship with the independent testing community and our flexible fee schedule ensure TEI’s ability to provide clients with the most accurate and current industry information for their investment. Our staff can provide sound advice, consultation, and recommendations at any level of representation for your company – intelligence that could be valuable to your company’s operations. Combining TEI’s consulting capabilities with our test program management services provides a significant, cost-effective opportunity for your company to enjoy the benefit of TEI’s natural synergy.

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