Test Materials

TEI – Quality Assured, Test-Ready Materials

The recent innovation of a Central Parts Distributor, or CPD, is revolutionizing the automotive lubricant testing industry, and TEI is leading the way. This revolution stems from the knowledge that while reducing hardware variability and facilitating tracking of test material is vital to the success of the test program, monitoring small batches of special test parts can take an inordinate amount of an OEM’s time and expense. TEI can help. Utilizing a CPD creates a single source for consistent test materials, providing the industry with a continual supply of inspected, quality assured test parts to ensure that procedures necessary for product testing are not limited by parts availability.

Industry Participation

  • Active participation in ASTM and SAE and routine meeting attendance means that we are up to date with current industry demands and trends. Our experience and activity with ASTM at the committee level means a smooth transition to the use of a CPD for your test.
  • Our close relationships with many OEM’s and contact with some of the most respected and influential industry groups – AAM, ACEA, ATC, ATIEL,   CEC, CMA, EMA, JASO, and TMC – ensures that we are current with international industry agendas.
  • We operate within the CPD guidelines outlined by ASTM SUBCOMMITTEE D02B. We’ll be happy to send you a copy of the guidelines upon request.
  • We keep up to date with part design changes from OEM’s and help to anticipate industry demand for parts.

Technical Knowledge

  • TEI’s experienced personnel possess an in-depth knowledge of industry test procedures including hardware, build-up procedures and operational requirements for both engine and bench tests.
  • TEI has the facilities and equipment to warehouse and handle large quantities of single batch parts designed to last the life of the test, and insulate against part design changes. TEI utilizes climate-controlled storage for all parts, and can offer vacuum sealing and argon storage for long term storage and protection of sensitive parts.
  • TEI’s FIFO parts distribution system is completely random, with all details held in strict confidence.
  • We utilize the latest, cutting-edge laser marking techniques for serialization to facilitate traceability, eliminating unreliable and potentially damaging hand engraving, etching, or paint marking.
  • All available batch information for parts is recorded for future reference. This is an aid in tracing hardware related test problems.


  • TEI has been a CPD pioneer and has a wealth of experience from serving as the CPD for numerous industry tests, including the Mack T-8, Mack T-9, Mack T-10, Mack T-11, and Mack T-12 Tests; Cummins M-11, Cummins M-11 EGR, Cummins ISM, and Cummins ISB Tests; Cummins Corrosion Bench Test (CBT); GM Ball Rust Test (BRT); ASTM Oil Seal Compatibility Test (OSCT); and Ford Sequence VIB.
  • TEI is located in San Antonio, Texas, where 75% of independent engine lubricant testing takes place. Our close proximity to and long-standing rapport with two of the major test labs in the U.S. means that we provide superior customer service and on-site support.